Mentorship Program


Tallawah helps the women survivors leaders to access tools to strengthen their leadership and organizational skills, implement business strategies and methodologies to efficiently fulfil the mission of their organizations and movements. 


This mentorship program will allow individuals who are leaders in diverse fields (business, leadership, women’s rights, justice, and fundraising) to provide mentorship, support, and guidance to the women leaders in relation to their expertise. This will provide women leaders with the skills needed to independently grow and shape their organisations and in order to achieve their goals.


Facilitating mentorship relationships between experienced women leaders and mentees from grassroots organizations and survivors will provide guidance and support. The mentors will share their experience with mentees to enhance their leadership skills, as well as allow them to form a strong professional network, both in groups and individually
Mentees work with their mentors to set specific goals and develop action plans to achieve them. Mentors are providing guidance and support in creating strategies to overcome obstacles and measure progress.

How We Do It

Individuals & Groups

Orientation and training session to familiarize them with the program’s goals, expectations, and guidelines.

Virtual Online

Mentors and mentees connect through online platforms and video conferencing, ensuring regular engagement.

Strategic Guidance

They share relevant resources, materials, and case studies to enhance understanding of leadership principles, community development strategies, and best practices.

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