Women's Leadership & Development Program

Despite evidence of sustainable effective programs changing lives, there is still donor reluctance to fund women-led organizations in the Global South. According to an OECD report one of the reasons for this reluctance include concerns over perceived financial and reputational risks, resulting in donors funding larger organizations in the North. There’s also a perception that southern-based organizations have less capacity to deliver at scale and to report in ways that meets donor requirements.

Tallawah’s training program is designed to fill this gap. We build the capacity of women leaders to run their organisations more effectively including in board governance, strategic planning, finance and budgeting, marketing and innovation. Using the PIVOTTTM 
Transformational Leadership Program we train women leaders to develop these critical leadership and business skills so that they can better access and manage resources needed to run their organisations, and pass on their new competencies.

Leadership & organizational skills


Participants are taught the importance of strategic and operational planning for their organizations. This includes key business and organisational tools for leadership, financial management and fundraising strategies.


Women leaders are taught how to apply innovative practices to their organisations including through the use of social media, technology and innovative techniques for advocacy, decision-making and social enterprises.


We help women leaders to develop organizational vision as well as an effective media and communications strategy to promote the public image of the organization.


Women leaders are trained in troubleshooting practical organisational issues such as applying for funding, drafting proposals, organising board meetings.


Women leaders are trained in leadership and governance skills and taught how to pass on this expertise to the members of their organisation and other potential women leaders, training the trainers, and building capacity.


Women leaders receive a transformational leadership toolkit which includes strategies for growing and scaling their organization and to make it sustainable.
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