Empower Women Leaders

This program for women-led grassroots and survivor organisations aims to strengthen and support women leaders by providing opportunities for mentoring, skills development and capacity building initiatives. We intend to implement this transformative program to create lasting change in the lives of women leaders and their organisations. Women survivors who lead grassroots organisations play a vital role in driving social change and in combating gender-based violence, inequality and discrimination. However, these women leaders often face a number of challenges, including limited access to resources, a lack of networking opportunities and the need for capacity-building. This program is supported by our other programs, as we believe that equipping these women is not enough; it is also essential to connect them and amplify their voices.
Tallawah Justice for Women was founded in response to the inspiration generated by the strength and resilience of women leaders of survivors and grassroot organisations. Many women set up their own informal organisations to help the civilian population, but they lacked the skills and resources to be effective. Tallawah works to equip them through training and capacity building. We work in partnership with these women and draw on their collective strength to advocate for survivor-centred justice solutions, systemic policy changes and more equitable structures for women.

Empower a woman leader today

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